November 30, 2022

The Power of Curiosity: Why Brands are Tapping into ‘Growth Seekers’

By Idil Cakim - SVP, Research & Insights

How many times do you hit the play button to play your favorite content? Chances are you curate your content across music, news, sports or a podcast throughout the day – depending on the occasion. And our recent research shows that you create these occasions based on the audio content you want to listen. Listen? Scratch that. We mean dive in and take your mind to another place. We mean audio rituals – those everyday moments rich with emotion and motivation, wrapped in Audio.

Growth seekers: Most engaged and curious people

Audio rituals reveal some of the most deeply engaged and curious audiences. And curiosity is a highly sought after quality by advertisers – it shows who itches for more information and is open to hear opinions of others.

So most of the time I’ll feel like I need some motivation. So I’ll listen to … lifestyle, motivation, podcasts or … business podcasts so that I can learn more, expand my mind on … my own businesses …”

There are groups of people who are more curious than others. Their go-to source for engagement is audio. Imagine going out for a run because your favorite host comes on air then. Learning more about those parenting hacks during lunch time. Saving time for self-improvement with healthcare podcasts late in the evening, when you finally have time to focus on yourself. If any of these scenarios resonated with you, you’re a growth seeker.1

It’s the mindset.

Growth seekers are lean-forward types of people. They are goal-oriented and they seek information that will help them get to the next level – whether that’s being healthier and happier, more financially stable or a more playful but disciplined parent. Their motivation is imbued in their content choices and the attention they pay to their content.

So a lot of [podcasts] are around career development and then finance. With everything going on with cryptocurrency and investing, I want to learn more about it. Podcasts keep me informed of what’s going on, both with my interest as far as investing in crypto and then also with my career.”
Yelena G. 33, Woman (She/Her/Hers) – Deerfield, IL
[Audio would have a bigger impact on self improvement] because when I think about the audio on the podcast which have been very good, you know, like towards some goals that I have set and listening to those ladies can express some things that has helped me a great deal.”
Pamela T. 54, Woman (She/Her/Hers) – Greenville , NC

Tap into the momentum of growth seekers.

Growth seekers are ready to take action. They have momentum and intention to change behaviors, travel and spend. And they are open to hearing from brands, as long as the messages are authentically woven into their programs and help solve their problems.

Try not to be too pushy about your brand and just kind of let it go more with the flow. Do the people who are talking about it seem sincere with it or if they’ve even tried it? …It’s obvious when someone has tried it versus when they’ve not.”
Fabiola E., 28, Woman – Grand Rapids, MI
Give the consumer information about something that they wouldn’t know. Don’t tell them what they already know and don’t try to bamboozle them with something that’s not tangible for them.”
Janel G., 47, Woman – Pompano Beach, FL

How to find and engage growth seekers:

Marketers have long advocated for the benefits of targeting beyond age and gender. To reach growth seekers, think ‘who+habit’. Growth seekers are in their late 30s, educated with substantial household income ($93K, median). They typically hold management positions. And they are about to embark on major changes in their lives such as the birth of a child or moving to a new home. They are planning home improvement projects and a family vacation within the next year. More than 25% of them have spent north of $2,500 on online purchases in the past year. When it comes to information and entertainment, all news and alternative music are their go-tos. And they weave audio throughout their day whether they are eating, exercising, shopping online or at work. The Side Hustle School, Glennon Doyle’s We Can Do Hard Things, Yoga Girl: Conversations from the Heart, Happier with Gretchen Rubin are among the podcasts they listen to regularly.

Takeaway: Brands that can tap into the mindset of growth seekers will join them in moments of a-ha and on new paths to discovery. They will be seen as change agents. They will gain recognition, boost their reputation and sell more as they help these motivated audiences reach new heights in their lives.

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  1.  Audacy Audio Rituals Study, Alter Agents, national survey (n=1,003), 5-day ethnography (n=48) and in-depth interviews (n=15), July 2022

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