The Extraordinary Power of the Everyday Podcast Listener

By Euna Park, Insights Analyst, Audacy

Some Audio listeners occasionally catch a podcast, and others tune in for most episodes of their favorite shows. But then there are the podcast junkies – those devoted fans who just can’t stay away. They have mastered the art of “one earbud in” as they eagerly await each episode drop so they can remain deeply engaged with their cherished shows and intimately connected to their beloved hosts.

For advertisers, the allure of this enthusiastic demographic is undeniable. These everyday podcast listeners are more than a thoroughly reliable audience. They’re higher income, younger, and more receptive to advertising messages than other listeners. They’ll eagerly explore the products and services their favorite hosts discuss – and they’re more likely to actually make the purchase. Let’s meet these pod-addicted consumers.

Who are the everyday podcast listeners?

Their age and income are in the advertising sweet spot. 

Median Age: 39

Mean Income: $110k

They’re always listening. 

1 in 4 heavy podcast listeners consume 11+ podcast episodes a week.

8 in 10 heavy podcast listeners consume 5+ podcast episodes a week

They listen EVERYWHERE. 

At home (43%)

In transit (car or public transport) (30%)

At work (24%)

Other (4%)

How do everyday podcast listeners feel about ads during their shows? 

Simply put, podcast junkies trust their pods. They come for the authenticity, they stay for the engagement, and they don’t miss a moment – even the ads, regardless of whether the host or the producer reads the message.

64% appreciate podcast advertisers
for supporting their favorite podcasts
49% believe the hosts use the products
mentioned on their shows

What do everyday podcast listeners do after hearing podcast ads? 

That’s easy – they take action. They move seamlessly through the path to purchase – from the top of the funnel (igniting brand awareness and conversations), to the middle (visiting the retail site and making the purchase), to the bottom (moving beyond being a loyal consumer to becoming a vocal advocate). Even better, the more time they spend with their favorite titles, the more they are likely to act on what they hear!

40% visit the website to purchase the product advertised
Everyday podcast listeners are 37% more likely to visit the retail store to purchase the product advertised

How brands can scale with their podcast buys now 

There are many opportunities for brands to engage with podcast listeners. According to the latest Edison Research Infinite Dial study, the podcast listening audience is nearly 100 million strong every week. And it’s by no means a male-dominated platform, female listeners are now averaging an impressive 10 podcasts per week.

And as for the everyday listeners — the pod-addicted generally like to smile and stay in-the-know. They’re going for laughs with comedy like our Ear Biscuits with Rhett & Link. They stay connected with news programs, and they’re entertained with true crime, lifestyle, and sports podcasts.

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Note: Heavy Podcast Listener is defined here as listening to podcasts 5+ hours a week.

Source: Scarborough Podcast Recontact Study (Listeners only) 2023 Release 1 Total (Nov 2023), Base: Total Podcast Listeners 18+.

Source: State of Audio: The Disruptors, Audacy, 2022

Source: The Infinite Dial, Edison Research, 2024

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