The 12 Rules of Audio Advertising

By Audacy Team

We all know about the 12 days of Christmas, but at any time of year, your business needs the 12 elements that make an audio commercial shine brighter than five golden rings.

Find some good return on investment under your tree this season by adhering to these audio script rules:

  • Have a clear, concise, core, targeted message. Don’t shotgun a message in hopes that one part will stick with someone.
  • Talk to your targeted listener, not about your business, but about something of interest to that listener.
  • Speak the listener’s language to solve a consumer problem.
  • Encourage listeners to see themselves enjoying the benefits of the advertised product.
  • Use characters your target audience can identify with.
  • Deliver a compelling “unique selling proposition” that answers the question: “Why spend with us as opposed to our competitor?”
  • Describe the right pictures. Give the audience a vision that aligns with what you want them to do.
  • Intertwine the “story” and the sales message.
  • Tell the listener exactly what to do by delivering a “call to action” such as “call us,” “visit us,” or “like us,” and motivate that action with a genuine deadline.
  • Be brief. Allow talent to deliver the message without “rushing the read.”
  • Use music and sound effects to enhance the story.
  • Air the commercial often enough to enter your target listener’s consciousness.

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