Just released: State of Audio - 11 Moments That Matter

This month on the Audacy Insights Series – Audacy’s conversations with leading marketers, technology innovators and content creators about the dynamic and evolving audio landscape – we’ll be exploring the power of sonic branding.

What is real sonic identity? Savvy brands are figuring out how to incorporate the power of sound to evoke powerful emotions and memorable impact.

As we rely on smaller screens visual branding is diminishing, and audio is playing a critical role in helping consumers recognize brands and drive connection.

Our panel of audio, design and marketing experts will cut through the noise and take you through the most relevant sonic opportunities for brands, including sonic logos, creative elements that impact performance, and the best examples from brands creating effective ad campaigns driven by sound.

Listen to our panel discuss:

  • The Sonic Experience: A brand’s journey to a strong sonic identity
  • Creative That Resonates: Applying sonic branding elements to advertising
  • Who’s Doing It Right: Shining examples of brands in action
leadership paul suchmann 600x600
Paul Suchman
CMO, Audacy
Ben Jankowski
Group Head, Global Media, Mastercard
Scott Simonelli
Scott Simonelli
CEO, Veritonic
Anna McMichael-Kane
VP, Executive Creative Director, Audacy
Paul Amitai
Strategy Director, Listen


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