Right Message for the Right Moment, With Dynamic Creative

By Audacy Insights Team

Arguably the biggest plus for Audio advertising is its versatility. Ad campaigns are easy to customize, quick to adjust frequency, and can reach different audiences with different messages.

And savvy advertisers are finding new ways to hit listeners’ ears at just the right time and place, with dynamic creative. These trigger-based ad campaigns let you adjust your message based on what’s happening now in your listener’s world.

Two of the most popular trigger-based campaigns are weather triggers and live event triggers.

Weather Trigger Ads

Weather targeting within an ad campaign dramatically increases the relevancy of an ad based on the listener’s environment. Advertisers can engage listeners based on forecasted or live weather conditions, like snow storms, heavy rain, or even sunny days or high pollen count.

Here’s how it works. Brands can have standard ad messaging planned, and dynamically switch to a customized ad segment based on current weather conditions. Some advertisers will have three variations queued up for an ad campaign. Take a popular snow blower as an example.

  • The Standard Campaign: This version will have winter messaging reminding customers to ‘be prepared when bad weather hits’.
  • The Storm is Coming Campaign: This version will encourage listeners that ‘Six inches of snow is expected this week. Stop by Sam’s Hardware for 10% of the newest line of snow blowers’.
  • The Storm is Here Campaign: This version is customized to the needs of listeners’ during the storm, sharing that they can ‘Stop by your closest Sam’s Hardware retailer today. We still have snow blowers, shovels and salt to help clear the way from this winter storm.’

Live Event Trigger Ads

Sponsored deals for retailers and quick service restaurants are proving popular in conjunction with live sports events. Say a popular burger chain is offering free fries with every big win for the local baseball team. Here hyper-relevant messaging will make an impact with Sports Triggers. Similar to the snow blower example, you’ll have a standard campaign, promoting the QSR. Then on game day, you may switch to your ‘game day’ promotional ads, reminding listeners that a win tonight will mean free fries tomorrow. And finally, your creative switches in the event of the win, calling on customers to come in and claim their winnings.

Dynamic ad targeting works great with local audiences. Radio advertisers are finding, especially when it comes to leveraging weather triggers, the use cases are endless. Sunscreen for sweltering days, allergy meds for unbearable pollen counts, or reliable wiper blades for rainy days. By promoting the right product at precisely the right time, advertisers pave the way for healthy conversion rates.

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