The last decade has seen the rise of the Purpose-Led Brand. Corporate leaders are boldly assessing not only what their brand does, but what it stands for. At the same time, consumers are increasingly choosing to do business with brands that align to their core values.

View this on demand session with Social Impact and Marketing leaders as they discuss the key steps of a successful social impact platform, including:

  • Your Purpose: How brands can align their purpose to consumer values
  • The Consumer Mandate: What attracts consumers to buy from purpose-led brands over others
  • The Spectrum of Impact: From cause marketing, to advocacy, to sustainability – different approaches prove successful for leading brands
  • Execution: How to activate campaigns that create brand value and community impact
  • Don’t Go It Alone: Unocover how influential voices, strategic partnerships, and clear strategies amplify success
Jenny Nelson
EVP, Marketing Solutions & Strategy, Audacy
Stephanie Rogers
SVP of Communications & Marketing, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Paul Pellizzari
VP, Global Social Responsibility, Hard Rock
Sarah Harris
VP, Social Impact, Audacy
Jim Peters
Jim Peters
Head of Brand Content & Alliance Partnerships, Ford

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