Introducing The 2021 State of Audio.

The elusive Gen Z. The digital native generation that’s bringing back mom jeans, Classic Rock, and choker necklaces. The question on the minds of leading brands today is – how can advertisers reach and impact this young audience.

Catch the recorded session. Our panel of marketing experts, influencers and researchers dug into what makes Gen Z consumers tick, including:

  • How Gen Z behave differently than Millennials
  • How brands should market to Gen Z
  • Audio’s role in the discovery journey
leadership paul suchmann 600x600
Paul Suchman
CMO, Audacy
Perry Howell
North America Media Lead, Tinder
Kevan Kenney
On-Air Personality, Audacy
Clare Woodward
Customer Success Director, Relative Insight
Jennifer Tobar Hardison
Director of Sales, Audacy

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