In a Hyper-Competitive Job Market, Audio is the Right Candidate

By Frank Williamson, Insights Analyst, Research & Insights, Audacy

With nearly two available jobs per unemployed person, and the labor market adding a healthy 263,000 jobs in November, we’re living in a job seekers’ world. So recruiters, listen up! To find qualified candidates, Audio brings a strong resume, and is ready for the job. Advertising on local radio, digital streaming, and podcasts can help you cut through the clutter and find those elusive prospects. 

As you search for new employees, Audio delivers high-quality leads. We can target campaigns by content genre, demographics, geography, and day part, delivering ads to the most interested — and the most qualified — applicants. If a listener hears a spot that speaks to them, they’re more likely to take action and apply online or stop into your brick-and-mortar location.

In this hyper-competitive job market, it helps to cast a wider net. Audio reaches the sweet spot of both people actively looking for jobs as well as passive job seekers. According to Nielsen, 99% of adults are reached by Audio — AM/FM radio, podcasting, and digital Audio.

The Audio Difference

We’ve all gotten used to job ads clogging our inboxes and social media feeds. They don’t stand out. Recruiting websites and employers have relied too heavily on online and social media ads, and users are overwhelmed by the barrage of posts.

Meanwhile, with listening booming, your next employee is probably tuned into their favorite FM drive show on their morning commute and streaming a podcast while they cook dinner. Here are the four trends and takeaways taking shape for recruiters turning to Audio.

1. Total Audio

To maximize reach, we recommend a “Total Audio” approach where a campaign runs on AM/FM radio and digital Audio. It’s a potent strategy. Our research shows combining digital Audio and over-the-air radio ads increase web conversions by 99%, compared to campaigns that only used radio.1

2. Recruitment Audio Ads Work

The measures of a good recruiting campaign are straightforward: How many people came to your site, applied, and did they result in new hires? At Audacy, we can link ad exposure to web traffic and applications to show just how well Audio works for recruiting. 

We recently created a streaming Audio and digital display campaign for a job recruiting website that directed users to visit its site and apply. After spots aired, the recruiting company experienced a surge in interest and applicants. In partnership with data analytics firm Claritas, Audacy used pixel-based attribution to trace ad exposure to actions and the results were impressive. Following the campaign, the recruiting company recorded 380,000 website visits and more than 1,800 applications were submitted.

380,000 Web Visits
1,800 Applications Submitted

3. Audio Ads Leave a Lasting Impression

After a listener turns off the radio or finishes a podcast, the ads they’ve heard linger. Listeners will take action on average 2.4 days after they’ve been exposed to an Audio ad.3 Practically speaking, that means listeners will remember to go to their computer or stop into your location up to two days after they hear your ad.  

And remember – what you say matters. The best recruiting ads feature a strong call to action and detailed information on your website or physical locations. Give listeners a taste of your brand’s values and personality. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with music or voices. The more memorable your ads, the more likely listeners are to take action.

4. Frequency Matters Too

Our research shows it’s important to keep reminding listeners about your job openings. When listeners have multiple exposures, it is more immersive. Brand engagement increases with up to 15 exposures, per our study with Spark Foundry. 

The Bottom Line

For those not yet convinced Audio’s right for the job, here’s one more plug: Audio gives you creative flexibility and is cost-effective. At Audacy, we can produce and launch a campaign in just a few days and at significantly lower costs than digital video or TV ads. If you need to make changes mid-campaign, you can adjust on the fly. With the job market changing quickly, advertisers need to be responsive and Audio can be as nimble as you need us to be. 

There’s no better time than now to shake up your recruitment. While other media are cluttered and hard to measure, Audio is efficient, engaging, and flexible. It’s also trusted and treasured. Audacy can help you launch an ad campaign to find your next employees. We’re pretty sure they’re out there listening. 

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1 Total Audio Amplifies, An Attribution Channel Study, Audacy, 2021

3 Audacy-Claritas Aggregate Attribution Analysis, 2020 – 2021

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