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December 22, 2022

Holiday Rituals: What We’re Listening to While We Wrap Gifts, Bake Cookies and Hit the Egg Nog

By Audacy Insights Team

As humans, we’re creatures of habit – a large part of our days are fueled by comfortable routines. Wake up. Brew the coffee. Morning workout. School drop off. Hit the office. And repeat.

But during the holiday season our rituals shift. We carve out time for cherished family traditions that take place during this one special time of year. From baking to shopping, decorating, wrapping gifts and celebrating with family and friends – we all hold our nostalgic annual routines near and dear.

And just what are we blaring from our smart speakers as we sip, bake, wrap, and celebrate our way into the holiday season? Here’s what some of our favorite Audacy radio personalities had to say.

Let’s unwrap some holiday rituals.

Jayn, KLLC San Francisco quote
Karson Tager, WWBX Boston quote
Coop, WOGL Philadelphia Quote
DreaW Wlaker, WUSN Chicago quote
Bru, Audacy Nationa Top 40, quote

Enjoy your holiday traditions, whatever they may be. And bring your favorite tunes along with you this holiday season.

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