Go Big & Go Broad: How Live Nation Boosted ROI with Total Audio

By Audacy Insights Team

When it comes to Audio advertising, we’re often asked where a brand should focus their efforts: AM/FM radio, streaming, or podcasts. When the goal is driving sales performance, the answer is a clear ‘all of the above’. And that’s for good reason. Compared to digital-only campaigns, Total Audio strategies perform better—delivering on average 50% better returns on your ad spend. No one understood this better than our friends at Live Nation—who saw a 1,000% return on ad spend with this year’s Concert Week campaign. The advice here is to go big and go broad with a Total Audio plan. 

Case Study: Live Nation Rocks Out with a Total Audio Approach

When Live Nation invited fans to rock out and jam with their favorite artists during its 2023 Concert Week promotion, a single media platform couldn’t hold the excitement. Instead, the powerhouse live entertainment leader implemented a multiplatform Audio campaign to support awareness before and during ticket sales for the event.

The Media Plan


Presale and onsale messaging across 43 markets nationwide


Presale and onsale messaging on Audacy’s exclusive stations targeting music enthusiasts, concertgoers, moviegoers, entertainment enthusiasts, and sports fans


Multi-platform activations


Host endorsements on Audacy’s high-profile influencer bundle and sports network

The Results


All told, Audacy’s hosts and audience generated an encore-worthy performance, helping to generate increased ticket sales and a 1,000% return on ad spend (ROAS). 

This campaign proves what our partners at Live Nation already knew: multi-platform Audio campaigns that include AM/FM Radio + Digital Audio yield tremendous conversions.

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