We’re asked all the time, ‘What makes a great Audio ad’?

It’s an important question. That brief 30 or 60 second ad has to pack a powerful punch. As a brand marketer, you want to connect with listeners, make a memorable impact, and move the needle towards brand favorability and purchase.

Along with our partners at Veritonic, we’ve honed in on 4 creative elements critical for campaign success. Hear our panel as they share the secret sauce for effective radio and podcast ads.

  • Sonic Branding: There’s tons of buzz around sound logos and brand anthems. But how much impact do sonic signatures have on brand recognition?
  • Music: Whether it’s selecting simple melodies or curating custom compositions, what are some best practices when it comes to selecting tunes for Audio ads?
  • Voice: With the explosive growth of Audio-first platforms, brand voices are everywhere. But who’s voice? How many voices? What will break through the noise and result in meaningful brand impact?
  • Message: The heart of the ad is the script. How do brand mentions, ad length and storytelling play a starring role?
Jenny Nelson
EVP, Marketing Solutions & Strategy, Audacy
Vijay Iyer
CEO North America, amp
Amanda DiMarco
VP, Client Success, Veritonic
John Principale
Senior Director, Consumer Marketing, Audacy
Lindsay Smith
Lindsay Smith
VP, Audio Insights and Creative, Ad Results Media

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