Full-Funnel Audio Delivers

By Audacy Insights Team

Audio has long been seen as a successful reach medium–great for driving awareness and sparking success at the top of the funnel. But in an age where marketers are laser focused on improving performance at every stage of the funnel, advertisers are looking for channels that can do it all. 

61% of marketers say improving full-funnel media investment is high or critical priority over the next 12 months1

Luckily for advertisers, times have evolved, and so has Audio. The shopper journey today has a lot of new twists and turns. But the fundamental stages of the marketing funnel are still effectively built around awareness (upper funnel), consideration (mid-funnel) and conversion (lower funnel), with a loop back around for loyalty and advocacy. With precision targeting, authentic influencers, and advanced measurement, today’s Audio seamlessly drives powerful impact at every point in the funnel. It goes beyond sparking conversations to encouraging consideration and winning the ultimate prize of driving conversions.

What brands are seeing is that Audio’s value proposition has evolved. Today, wth our ability to target cohorts with such precision, Audio’s value is no longer relegated at just the top of the funnel. The value proposition is now reach + frequency + precision. And marketers are deploying Audio at every stage of the consumer journey with great outcomes.

Media’s Impact Across the Funnel

Audio is now a multi-purpose platform with a buffet of radio, podcasts, and streaming for listeners to savor – and flavor their purchasing decisions with confidence. 

But there’s more! Not only has Audio emerged as a powerful conversion machine in its own right, but it also beats the other channels at every stage of the funnel in a head-to-head comparison. 

Purchase Power

The big story here? Audio’s ability to convert  and drive purchase compared to other channels. Radio is a stellar example, driving a remarkable 48% of us to purchase, compared to TV (44%), social media (38%), and video (26%).

Want to dive deeper into the full-funnel story? Check out our State of the Audio guide, and hear how brands including Instagram, Hyundai, and New Balance are turning to Audio to drive success throughout the funnel.

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State of Audio: Fuel the Funnel, Audacy, May 2023

1 Forrester Consulting, DAC-commissioned global marketers survey, September 2022.

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