Forever Fans: Where to Reach the Sports Diehards

By Idil Cakim, SVP, Head of Research & Insights, Audacy

You don’t need a foam finger to know that forever fans are #1. 

As an advertiser, deciding to connect with sports fans is an easy call. But just as top-round draft picks each have different strengths, not all sports fans are the same. 

There are your casual fans, paying more attention when their team reaches the playoffs, and tuning in to the big game. Your core sports fans are into the games and follow their favorite teams throughout the season. 

Then there are the forever fans – the diehards. In good times and bad, these hardcore fans are equally passionate and engaged. They aren’t just watching the game on TV. If they’re at the beach during the game, they catch it on the radio or stream it on their phone. They have choice seats at a few live matchups each season. They buy team gear and league merch for themselves and for their families (including their dog!). They bet on events. And they soak up all the pre-game chatter and Monday morning quarterbacking from their favorite hosts, plus have a slew of favorite podcasts. This is a full 360-degree lifestyle approach to fandom – this is the fan you want most. 

Come and Meet the Diehard Sports Fans

If diehard fans were featured on trading cards, behind their photo in their favorite team jersey, they’d have some pretty sweet statistics to share:

They’re a younger mix

The median age of a sports fan is 50, but hardcore sports fans have only been around for 42 seasons.



They have more buying power

Compared to the U.S. median annual income of $69,000, diehard fans average $123,000, and nearly one-third are worth more than $1 million. Plus they’re significantly more likely to be expecting a child, buying a new house or condo, or purchasing a new car.


of business decision-makers consider themselves sports fans, and they’re 56% more likely to listen to sports on the radio.


of affluent decision-makers are rabid sports fans – listening to at least one form of sports Audio.

The live and breathe for their teams

One in five diehard baseball fans is losing sleep over games!


Fans go into overdrive when their team is doing well

After the San Diego Padres’ killer 2022 season, fans were all-in on Opening Day 2023, driving sports listening up more than 200% over the previous season.


Where can you do the wave with your forever sports fans?

That’s a no-brainer. Forever fans, that elite level of fandom, will catch all the live action and compelling analysis, insights, and behind-the-scenes dish on sports radio and podcasts – specifically, on Audacy. With more than 40 million listeners a month, Audacy Sports listeners have a higher household income than folks who tune in to competitors such as ESPN and CBS, and they’re more likely to be in coveted targeted audiences such as small business owners and auto intenders. 


So when you’re ready for a championship advertising season, there’s no need to paint your face with team colors (though you can if you want – you do you!) – just drop into the dugout with us at Audacy FTW.

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Audacy baseball survey, n = 1005, conducted June 5, 2023

Nielsen Answers Audience Cume, San Diego, CA; P6+ Listening to Padres games on KWFN-FM

Nielsen Scarborough Research, Market/Release: Scarborough USA+ 2022 Release 1 Total (Dec 2020 – Apr 2022), Base: Total
Adults 18+ Projected: 259,044,221 Respondents: 199,118)

Nielsen Scarborough USA+ 2022 Release 1 Total (Dec 2020 – Apr 2022), Base: Total Adults 18+, Hardcore Sports Fan: Listens to Sports Radio, Watches/Streams Sports, Follows Sports on Social Media, Buys team/league apparel, Attends Professional Sporting Events, Average Sports Fan: Any Sports Related Activity

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