Don’t Put Your Auto Ad Spending on Auto-Pilot. Accelerate Your Campaign With Audio.  

By Idil Cakim, SVP, Research & Insights, Audacy

Reach Auto Intenders When They’re Looking to Buy

Buying a car isn’t just about cost, performance, or even safety. Buying a car also involves emotion – it’s a symbol of who’s driving it, and it’s a place where the driver will spend a significant amount of time. So the allure of features such as cozy heated seats, eco-friendly design, and cool tech offerings on the dashboard can play a key role.

While TV might seem like the ideal place to evoke those all-important emotions among consumers, Audio’s branding opportunity is even stronger. Indeed, Audio is the premium medium that communicates emotion, and it’s proven successful in getting customers to walk in the door and make an automotive purchase. Here’s why:

  • Audio reaches nine in 10 “auto intenders” – people who are planning to buy a car in the next 12 months.
  • Half of auto intender households are cord-cutters who don’t subscribe to cable – but they haven’t cancelled their Audio listening. Instead, they’re consistently adding to their audio consumption with both radio and podcast offerings, especially on their preferred formats such as Sports, Classic Rock, Kids, News, and Talk.
  • Auto intenders listen to podcasts more than average – and they’re also more likely to be sophisticated buyers who are influenced by dashboard tech, seek eco-friendly options that match their values, compare brands, and ask for others’ opinions about buying a vehicle.
  • Podcast and over-the-air listeners tend to have both stronger recall and stronger intent to purchaseso Audio brings a top-quality audience that is simply not watching TV.

Auto Advertisers Who Balance Their Media Plan with Audio See Dramatic Lift in Sales: +23% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Balance is the key word. With auto marketers, optimizing media mix can drive huge returns without adding an additional dollar to the pot. A meta-analysis conducted by Neustar showed that national auto advertisers are underinvesting in Audio, and a 1.8% shift in media spend to Audio would yield an eye-popping +23% increase in audio-led sales.1

Jump into the Driver Seat with Audio

Press the pedal with Audio, to ramp up auto sales. Advertisers can jump into the driver’s seat with this powerful medium and stay connected to valuable audiences throughout the purchase journey.

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1 Audio Amplification: The Return on Ad Spend, Audacy & Neustar, 2021

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