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Capture attention with ‘moment marketing’ to reach consumers at just the right time

As an advertiser, capturing the moment and grabbing attention is key to success. That’s where context comes in. Delivering your message in the right setting, when consumers are most open and ready to listen has a big impact. Think about getting an athleisure ad while working out. Those context-based ads have an outsized impact on brand favorability, purchase intent, and brand connection.

Hear our panel of marketers, researchers, and Audio experts as they share the latest insights on how brands can use in-context advertising to drive stronger results. The panel will answer key questions:

  • What is contextual advertising?
  • Which daily moments and rituals drive the most impact?
  • How to build media plans that target consumers in the moments that matter?
Idil Cakim
Idil Cakim
SVP Research & Insights, Audacy
Kara Manatt
Kara Manatt
EVP Intelligence Solutions, MAGNA
Britni Sternquist
Britni Sternquist
Senior Group Director, Communications Design, Initiative

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