Connecting with Consumers in the Moment

By Audacy Team

We are all avid consumers of media, checking our phones 150 times a day and unable to watch a movie without checking the latest updates on Instagram. It can feel easier for an advertiser to get the attention of a dog chasing after a squirrel than connecting with consumers in this world of information overload. But, it isn’t impossible. By honing in on quality and focusing on the moments that matter, you can connect with consumers’ hearts, minds, and even their wallets.

Providing Value

The first step to mattering in the moment is creating content with quality information. A study from Think Google shows that 73% of consumers believe that regularly receiving relevant content is a brand’s most important job. So before you start pitching what you want your consumers to do, think about what they need. What kind of content do they want to engage with? It’s often a very different message.

A great way to align your brand with useful information, is to highlight it alongside content consumers are already paying attention to. Think about your drive to work. You turn on the radio and hear a report of the morning’s traffic and weather. You immediately know not to take the main highway because of a three car accident that’s blocking two lanes. That report that just saved you 20 minutes? Sponsored by a home improvement store.

By aligning its brand with useful information, the home improvement store has successfully activated a consumer’s attention. This timely information engages listeners with quick 15 second spots, building awareness for advertisers’ brands.

Timing the Moments

There are many opportunities throughout the day for advertisers to include an ad, but wouldn’t it be more effective to advertise a product as consumers are about to make a purchase? Visualize your drive to the grocery store. You’re thinking through your grocery list while listening to the radio. You hear an advertisement for laundry detergent, and you think, “Yes! Laundry detergent. I need to add that to my list.”

These moments in vehicles are so important because consumers are often traveling in the car to make a purchase. Research from USA TouchPoints shows that almost half (45%) listen to AM/FM radio prior to making a purchase. This is especially true of the automotive category, fast food, movie theaters, and grocery.

Beyond the Ad

Let’s continue our home improvement store saga. You’re looking for a new lawn mower and remember hearing their traffic report saved you 20 minutes. As a modern consumer, you want to check reviews on the lawn mowers they sell, so you grab your phone and check their website. Problem is, it’s a mess and not mobile responsive. Trying to read anything required a magnifying glass and a lot of scrolling. You give up and run to the next stores website to make your purchase.

If your potential customers can’t easily find more information about your brand, you’re losing your customer. While 82% of smartphone users consult their phones before making a purchase, 28% are less likely to buy a company’s products if the website is difficult to navigate or doesn’t provide relevant information.

In a world where information is accessible everywhere we go, consumers expect to find well-designed, mobile responsive sites that are easy to navigate. And when they don’t find a perfect site, they’re over it in less than 3 seconds.  Keep your website up to date, mobile responsive, and utilize tools such as search engine optimization or search engine marketing to place your brand front and center in search results.

Undivided attention is no longer a phrase that can describe an advertiser’s audience, so we have to adapt and fit in ads in the moments that matter. As you start thinking about your marketing strategy for next year, consider how you can engage with your potential customers in these fleeting, yet pivotal moments.

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