AudioX - The New Super Listener | Podcast Personas Series

By Idil Cakim, SVP, Research & Insights, Audacy

Part III in a three-part series featuring innovative ways to tap into podcast personas to improve your media buys

Audio is not just sound, it’s fluid. Listeners weave their favorite content into their daily rituals from the moment they wake up to the moment they doze off. And when they switch from one location or task to another, audiences shift their listening from radio to streaming and podcasts, and then back. Their content choices are fluid depending on not just time of day, but also on what they would like to learn, how they would like to entertain themselves and what devices they can access. Through it all, audio is the one medium that can seep into consumer actions – wherever, whatever they may be.

Audio’s fluidity presents brands with the opportunity to court the most valuable and responsive audience cohort: AudioX Listeners – the new, cross-platform Super Audience. The Audacy Digital Audience Network touts 60 million unique digital listeners across our platforms. Among them, 28 million are podcast listeners who are also loyal to our radio stations. And we have 12 million unique listeners who carry their passion for radio content to our streaming app and podcasts, listening to Audacy on all fronts. Our most recent study with Veritonic shows that such AudioX Listeners are more likely to listen through ads. And compared to typical radio listeners, those who are both podcast and radio listeners are significantly more likely to recall messages (+33%) and show intent to purchase (+31%). 

This data underscores audio’s ability to meaningfully increase reach and further connectivity with target audiences through consistent and resonating messages across all of the platforms that they use to consume their favorite content, including radio, streaming audio, and podcasts.

Kristin Charron
VP, Marketing, Veritonic

Brands that follow their audiences across platforms have an advantage. Our study comparing the performance of digital only campaigns against those that included both OTA and digital elements show that cross-platform reach and engagement is more likely to convert on the web (+99%) and also at sales points (+55%).

Audacy has the highest concentration of AudioX Listeners across the industry – ahead of digital pureplays and broadcasters. Compared to the average US adult, our listeners are more than twice as likely to be cross-platform super listeners. 

And they are attractive! Audacy’s AudioX Listeners are younger and wealthier than the average US adult. Sixty percent of them are Gen Z and millennials. They are +67% more likely to have household income above $100K. And +52% more likely to have a college degree. Their spending and consumption patterns reflect their vibrant lives: Smart speaker listeners (+41%), connected car drivers (+23%), fashion-forward (+30%) fitness enthusiasts (+16%) who like to make the best of the newest technology and be ahead of the curve.

To join AudioX communities in all the moments that matter, advertisers need to deploy total-audio campaigns. These groups represent tremendous opportunities for brands to engage their audiences authentically. But what if the brand has been historically wedded to a particular demo and daypart? Or the advertiser is not as familiar with new audio platforms? Here’s how to flex your audio muscles and meet your audience wherever they are:

First, understand your audience’s audio rituals beyond the traditional dayparts. What happens before morning drive? Between the alarm clock blasting a favorite, phone screen alerts and the smart speaker, there may be several other touch points and a variety of audio content that allows for a warm introduction to consumers’ day. And when is prime time, really? Is it when driving home late from work or during the ‘me-time’ when everyone else goes to sleep? Understanding audience flows is most important to engage across platforms.

Second, balance media investment to include a variety of platforms. Go where the audience is. Include both digital and OTA Radio. Scale with voice-branding on smart speakers. 

And lastly, thread and integrate content across audio platforms. Will your message delivery be the same on OTA and podcasts? Perhaps. Or, you may need to switch it up a bit to fit the genre or spot environment better. Being nimble with creative ideas and integration will allow brands to be in the moment – same as audiences. 

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