Audio's Perfect Storm

By Paul Suchman, CMO, Audacy

The next four months present a unique opportunity for advertisers to connect with audio listeners and lead meaningful dialogues across communities. We see steady economic recovery despite a resurgence of COVID cases in some cities. Aligned with this trend, there is pent up demand from advertisers to connect with consumers with new messaging – re-establishing their brands and consumer value propositions to reflect an evolving world. At the same time, we are entering a compressed period of robust media activity with vigorous spending expected against shortened, concurrent sports seasons, and record-breaking political ad spending.

And with TV expected to be highly oversold due to significant GRP erosion and enormous political spending, along with a growing number of major advertisers and small companies pulling their brands from Facebook and other social media platforms, Audio’s benefit as a brand safe and measurable environment, with massive AND targeted reach, has never been more important.

Amid this environment, Audio is in strong demand as a media choice. This creates a perfect storm for Audio broadcasters and content platforms to seize the moment to deliver exponential value to advertisers and their media investments.

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As the economy re-opens and we face seismic shifts and ‘new normals’ across virtually every marketplace, the value of Audio’s ability to scale across platforms, target large, yet highly-specific audience groups, and measure its performance is indisputable. Whether driving awareness, generating foot traffic or influencing sales, Audio’s promise to deliver reach, meaningful engagement and return on spend, while protecting brand equity, makes it an indispensable component to every media plan. Consumers are listening….you should too.

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