Audio Moments that Matter: Our Top 7 Listening Activities

By Audacy Insights Team

State of Audio Series

Wake up. Hit the gym. Take a shower. Feed the cat. Get to work. Grab some coffee. Stop at the grocery store. Drive the kids to practice. Brush your teeth. Collapse into bed. Lather, rinse, repeat. 

Sound familiar? We live our lives through rituals and routines that shape our days. But just how much of a role does Audio play in those daily habits? We wanted to know, so we assembled a team of leading media researchers to find out. 

Match the moment: When are listeners most engaged with their Audio?

It turns out that a whopping 74% of listeners consume Audio during their daily rituals. And it’s not just background noise. More than any other medium, Audio is front and center during almost all of our daily routines. And for brands, these hard-at-work moments are new opportunities to unlock hyper-engaged listener connections. Our hands may be busy during the morning commute or dog walk, but our ears and minds are open, attentive – and most receptive to brand messaging.

And so, drumroll, please (a little DIY Audio moment!), here are the top seven key listening moments that matter – the rituals when listeners are most engaged with Audio.

1. Me-Time

We’re tuning in to Audio to make our chill time even cooler.

Tip for Advertisers

We’re most leaned-in during these chill moments. This is the best time for brands to introduce meaningful, action-driven content that adds value to the moment. Think personlized ads and authentic messaging that will resonate without killing the vibe.

I make sure my earbuds are charged, make sure my phone is charged, and go out for a walk everyday. It’s kind of me-time. I can step away from being a mom, being a business owner, and just listen.

Brandy R., 41, Listener
Prairie Grove, AR

2. Commuting

Whether it’s the morning rush, the hectic subway, or a power-walk, music, pods, news, and sports turn our commute into the personal entertainment zone we crave.

Tip for Advertisers

Drive-time listeners build deep connections with hosts, so take advantage with live reads and host endoresements.

3. Exercising

Audio keeps us energized as we hit our fitness goals. We’re all ears to keep us motivated and moving.

Tip for Advertisers

During workout time, fitness fans are looking for brands that keep the tempo high to energize and motivate. Don’t slow them down with soft sounds.

Download our State of Audio guide for the complete list of 11 Audio Moments that Matter


4. Pre-Gaming

Just like our favorite pros, we’re firing up our warmups with Audio. We listen as we get ready to play, head over to the big game, or hit the courts with our pre-game rituals.

Tip for Advertisers

These listeners are hyper-focused. Make deep connections with a memorable sound and strong sonic branding for lasting impact.

5. Snack Time

We come for the pretzels and popcorn – we stay for the Audio programs and podcasts. It’s more than a chance to grab a bite, it’s also a chance to catch up with our favorite hosts.

Tip for Advertisers

These breaks are treasured times–keep them that way with lightheared ads that let your mind escape. Snack time listeners especially love to catch up with podcasts during these nosh breaks.

6. Walking

Whether we are walking the dog or tracking our steps, Audio is there to keep us entertained and educated. 

Tip for Advertisers

During walks listeners are a captivated audience. And they expect brands to add to the experience with ads that benefit them directly.

7. Tuning In Before The Big Game

Whether we’re at the tailgate, or our neighbor’s playoff party, we’re getting ready for our most-anticipated sports matchups with Audio.

Tip for Advertisers

Sports fans are the the definition of loyal listeners. This is the moment to speak to them like the dear old friends they are.

So how do advertisers become part of consumers’ daily lives? Embrace the rituals. Check out the STATE OF AUDIO guide to dive in deep with today’s audiophiles, and uncover how listeners listen, when they’re most open to brand messaging, and what advertisers can do to improve ad effectiveness.

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Audacy Rituals Survey and Mobile Ethnographies, conducted by Alter Agents, October 2022.  Survey Base: Total respondents (n=1003) | Mobile Ethnographies (n=48, five days) |  In-depth interviews (n=15)

Audacy Stolen Moments Survey, conducted online as a follow up to Audio Rituals. n=500, P18+, August 2022.

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