Audacy's Podcast Network Delivers A Stellar April

By Idil Cakim, SVP Research & Insights, Audacy

Audacy’s Podcast Network, which includes powerhouse studios Cadence13 and Pineapple Street had another stellar month in April with more than 140 million downloads1 and 24.1 million unique listeners.2

In Triton’s latest four-week ranker, 26 shows from Audacy’s Podcast Network were recognized in the Top 100 – the most of any publisher. Pod Save America claimed the #8 spot, commanding a sizable audience who dove into political discussions in this time of massive social change. Dr. Brené Brown’s Unlocking Us, made a remarkable debut at #20, in addition to topping the Apple Podcast Charts at launch.

There were other notable moves across the Top 100 rankings: Views locked #23 and Happiness Lab followed at #43. Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain jumped 17 places month-over-month to #70 – a precursor to her success in the 12th Annual Shorty Awards where she won the Podcaster of the Year.

The critics agree. Audacy’s Podcast Network received three prestigious Peabody nominations — Gangster Capitalism, Season One: The College Admissions Scandal (C13Originals); Headlong: Running from COPS (Pineapple Street Studios); The Catch and Kill Podcast with Ronan Farrow (Pineapple Street Studios) — and was the only audio company to receive multiple nominations.

In addition, the Podcast Network received 20 nominations from the coveted 2020 Webby Awards. Cadence13 received 12 nominations and 8 honorees. Pineapple Street received 8 nominations and 1 honoree. Among the nominees are The Catch and Kill Podcast by Ronan Farrow, which nabbed two nominations for Best Host and Best Miniseries, The Clearing, in the General Series category, and Pod Save America, in the News & Politics category.

For advertisers, these podcasts are a gateway to highly valuable customers. As Nielsen’s Podcast Listener Study3 reveals, show listeners are heavy consumers of top brands across industries – including from beverages and automotive to financial services. For instance, True Crime and Sports categories connect brands with adult beverage consumers, as beer, hard liquor and wine drinkers are highly likely to listen to these types of podcasts. Molson Coors’ recent move to shift dollars to podcasting4, where their consumers are spending a disproportionate amount of their media time, is right on the money. The Kids and Family category attracts those who prefer soft drinks – especially Dr. Pepper and Sprite.

Another corollary noted in the Nielsen Podcast Listener Study, podcast consumers typically have multiple cars and take out auto loans. Car industry players can reach these enthusiasts through TV and Film, Arts and Technology categories. Those interested in History, Business and True Crime podcasts are also highly likely to be online banking customers. Bank of America, Citi, Chase and Wells Fargo have a higher share of such customers and are utilizing podcasts as part of their media strategies.

Audacy’s Podcast Network is the most influential and one of the largest podcast platforms in the country with an ever-expanding roster of chart-topping shows that Americans plan their lives around. Brands who align with the influence, content and reach of these podcasts enjoy one of the highest forms of engagement in addressable media.

Guided by curiosity, emotion and loyalty, audiences immerse themselves in highly curated content. About 80 percent of listeners consume all or most of each podcast episode, and listen to an average of seven shows per week.5 Weaving advertising messaging into gripping content in non-intrusive ways is indeed an art form–one that requires striking a delicate balance between authenticity and sensible messaging. Audacy’s Podcast Network’s continued success is a testament to such skilled and consistent delivery.

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