Audacy's Podcast Network Secures Top Commercial Network Position

By Idil Cakim, SVP Research & Insights, Audacy

Triton’s June Digital U.S Podcast Report[1] confirms Audacy’s Podcast Network, including Cadence13 and Pineapple Street Studios, as the top commercial network for the second month in a row. Despite the addition of newcomers to the ranker, Audacy’s Podcast Network continued to have the highest number of top 100 shows third month in a row — more than any other publisher. Among our shows that made it to the top are:

  • Pod Save America, ranking highest at No. 9
  • Unlocking Us, with Brené Brown at No. 18
  • VIEWS with David Dobrik at No. 19
  • Revisionist History moved up 14 places to No. 29 with the launch of its 5th new season
  • RISE at No. 63
  • Against the Rules with Michael Lewis made its list debut at No. 81
  • All The Smoke rose seven places to No. 88
  • Skimm This, which recently went to a weekly format, entered the top 100 at No. 93

“The Triton Digital® U.S Podcast Report is a great way for both advertisers and the industry at large to understand the scale of audience reach podcasting can deliver, not just with individual shows, but as a whole. Securing the number one commercial network on this new report and having 22 of the top 100 programs speaks to the high quality content we deliver, and reflects that this is the content listeners are seeking out and that advertisers are looking to be part of,” said Jay Green, SVP, Podcast Strategy and Analytics. “As Audacy’s Podcast Network continues to grow, so does our understanding of both the quantitative aspects and the qualitative deliveries those opportunities will bring.”

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[1] Triton Digital® U.S Podcast Report, 5/11/20-6/7/20

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