December 16, 2020

Audacy Audiences are Green Lifestylers

By Audacy Insights

In just five years, there has been a 65% increase in the percentage of people calling climate change a “crisis”.[1] A number of tragic weather events have occurred in the recent past that have impelled people to become increasingly aware and conscious of the climate change and its dire effects. The rising concerns have resulted in demand for more actions from governments as well as businesses. People are now ready to take necessary steps: nearly three-quarters (72%) of Americans indicate they are very or somewhat motivated to make changes.[2]
Audacy listeners are doing their part in saving the environment and they are passionate about it. Grand majority (85%) of our weekly (OTA) listeners, netting over 58.7 million US adults, engage in at least one eco-friendly activity on a regular basis.[3] They pursue the Green Lifestyle and their preferred eco-friendly activities include (indices against typical US adult)[3]:

  • Environmentally conscious purchase decisions
    • Buying organic food (Index 120)
    • Paying more for eco-friendly products and services (Index 120)
    • Buying eco-friendly household cleaning products (Index 110)
  • Recycling and reusing as a habit
    • Recycling electronics (batteries, cell phones, computers, etc.) (Index 115)
    • Using cloth/ reusable shopping bags (Index 111)
  • Advocating for environmentally conscientious decision makers and stakeholders
    • Supporting politicians based on their stand on environment (Index 116)
    • Donating money and time to environmental causes (Index 112)

Audacy presents eco-friendly brands with attuned, conscientious audiences who are ready to buy. Our high-income (with annual HHI $75K+) audiences are almost twice as likely as the average US adult to be dedicated environmentalists, who engage in 7+ eco-friendly activities on a regular basis.[3] And they consume Audio across formats. Our Green Lifestylers listen to a variety of radio stations, ranging from Classic Rock to Rhythmic to AAA and Sports.

With rising corporate as well as individual ambitions on climate and sustainability, our content presents the right opportunity for brands to connect with our Green Lifestylers and to impart product information and best practices with them. Whether listening to 96.9 The Eagle in Sacramento, 105.3 The Fan in Dallas or podcasts like Climate Change with Scott Amyx and Talking Trash: A Green Tips Podcast, our listeners have made sustainability a centerpiece of their lives.

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[1] The Washington Post, National poll conducted by Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation online and by telephone July 9-Aug. 5, 2019 among a random national sample of 2,293 adults age 18 and over as well as 629 teenagers ages 13-17
[2] American Psychological Association, Methodology: This survey was conducted online within US by The Harris Poll on behalf of APA from Dec. 12-16, 2019, among 2,017 U.S. adults ages 18 and older.
[3] Nielsen Scarborough, Market/Release: Scarborough National Database 2020 Release 1 Total (Jan 2019 – May 2020). Base: Total Adults 18+ Projected: 257,715,351 Respondents: 215,475

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