January 27, 2021

Advertisers’ Path to Business Decision Makers

Business decision makers (or BDMs)1 are always thinking of ways to improve their company. Between strategizing about driving revenue, improving margins and increasing the bottom line, it is understandable that their time is of prime value and is highly guarded for marketers to get access to. It therefore makes sense to organically meet them where they are, or lean into mediums where they’re spending time to get informed as well as unwind.

BDMs Are Avid Consumers of Media

Research shows that a grand majority (84%) of BDMs on Audacy over-the-air (OTA) are dedicated radio listeners (medium to heaviest), with 64% of them being intensive (heaviest/ heavy) listeners. Internet is a close second, with 57% of BDMs being heaviest/ heavy internet users.2 This shows that BDMs are exposed to advertising communication through a wide range of touchpoints, spanning traditional and digital media.

BDMs Are Heavy To Heaviest Radio Listeners

Media quintiles enables us to quickly analyze media preferences among the target audience, by breaking out media users (radio listeners, Internet users, etc.) into five equal segments ranging from heaviest, heavy, medium to light and lightest based on their amount of consumption2.

BDMs Are Information Hungry

BDMs seek knowledge not only to keep up with business and financial news, along with current affairs and politics, but also to gain valuable business or buying-related insights.

News along with sports stand out as preferred AM/FM formats among this audience and Audacy provides outstanding reach across BDMs who are loyal news and sports listeners. Audacy reaches 80% of BDMs whose format of first preference is All News, and, 59% of whose format of first preference is All Sports.3

When viewed from the streaming angle, BDMs are twice as likely to have streamed business news in past 30 days. Additionally sports streaming and podcasts are highly preferred content among this audience.2 The content interests of BDMs, points out that Audacy’s digital platform is well positioned to serve this audience, by feeding into the streaming interests like news, sports and podcasts.

News along with sports stand out as preferred

BDMs Are Enthusiastic Music Listeners

With the corporate world being abuzz with intense activity year around, it seems news and sports are not the only formats that BDMs are attracted to. Music could well be the potion to release stress for BDMs, make one feel more alert and concentrate better. Audacy Music formats have a tremendous reach, reaching over 5.7 million business leaders every week, and the format that stands out is Alternative.4

Effective Messaging That Gets BDMs Moving

Audacy research shows that local content and host trust are the most influential drivers of listening – especially for Broadcast OTA. Whether as part of a commercial or mentioned during a show or podcast, host recommendations drive real results.6 BDMs, who are short on time but tune-in with intent, present marketers with opportunities to engage and move business. Trusted, familiar hosts hold these decision makers’ attention and give them the news and information they need to take their business to the next level. Audio, and especially Audacy, offers marketers an effective pathway to connect with this elusive audience.

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1 For the purposes of this research study, the quoted name ‘Business Decision Makers (BDMs)’ refers a cohort that includes C Suite Officers (e.g., CIOs), Business Owners, Technology Influencers; Custom definition built on Nielsen research tool for Business Decision Makers (BDMs) – U.S. adults with occupation summary of ‘management, business and financial operations’ and who have taken ‘any purchasing decisions in the business in past 12 months‘ or ‘are small business owners’.

2 Nielsen Scarborough Market/Release: Scarborough National Database 2020 Release 1 Total (Jan 2019 – May 2020), Base:  – BIA radio ownership groups (M-S 6am-Mid cume): Entercom Projected: 68,749,712 Respondents: 53,235

3 Nielsen Scarborough Market/Release: Scarborough National Database 2020 Release 1 Total (Jan 2019 – May 2020), Base:  – (  Any purchasing decision AND  Management, Business and Financial Operations ) OR  Small business owner Projected: 22,503,939 Respondents: 18,181

4Nielsen Scarborough Market/Release: Scarborough National Database 2020 Release 1 Total (Jan 2019 – May 2020), Base: Total Adults 18+ Projected: 257,715,351 Respondents: 215,475

5 Audacy’s Engaged Impressions Custom Study, Alter Agents, August-October 2020, Base: Weekly Broadcast OTA Listeners (n=757), Weekly Streaming OTA Listeners (n=557), Weekly Podcast Listeners (n=516), Weekly Digital Pure Play Listeners (n=744), QA8. Which of the following factors are important to you when considering which audio sources to listen to?

6 Audacy’s Engaged Impressions Custom Study, Alter Agents, August-October 2020, Base: Listeners of Broadcast OTA (n=913), Listeners of Streaming OTA (n=734), Listeners of Digital Pure Play (n=863), Listeners of Podcasts (n=717), QT9. Which of the following types of radio or podcast advertisements or product recommendations have inspired you to take some sort of action?

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