5 Trends Transforming Media & Marketing, from Advertising Week

By Audacy Insights Team

Our Audacy team had an amazing time at Advertising Week in New York. If you missed any of the compelling sessions – fear not! From tech to audio to innovation – we’ve compiled our favorite trends for brands, advertisers, and Audio leaders.


Turn on the Sound

Amidst the deluge of visual distractions and media overload, it’s more important than ever for brands to implement a cohesive sonic strategy. From melodic tunes, to the distinct crunch of Doritos chips, to iconic memorable sonic logos, the secret to sonic success is to show up with consistent audio branding across your marketing channels. The research is clear: sound captivates consumers on an emotional level, driving recall, favorability, and action. It’s no surprise that everyone from Procter & Gamble to PepsiCo is adopting these sound strategies.


Cookies are Crumbling. Ride to the Future with First Party Data.

How will advertisers prepare for the cookieless future? The answer lies in first party data. We’ll see more household ID-based marketing, content-based marketing, and a stronger reliance on phone numbers instead of email identifiers. We’ll start to see more publisher-driven connections, as advertisers take advantage of robust and carefully crafted identified audience sets.


Magnificent Audio Hosts Speak the Truth. And That’s the Tea.

Audacy’s team of creators were clear about one thing when they graced the stage at Advertising Week: Listeners come to Audio for the personal connection. Whether it’s a podcast host, local sports guru, or animated morning show team, Audio allows you to build lasting relationships better than any other platform. The best hosts have learned that staying true to themselves is the key to driving an engaged audience, and in turn, strong brand partnerships that truly fit and enhance the listener’s experience.  


The Customer Journey Transformed: Where is Your Brand?

New consumer types have emerged during the pandemic. From the Empowered Activist to the Self-care Enthusiast, newly surfaced priorities are altering behaviors along the consumer journey, including an enhanced focus on healthy lifestyle and digital acceleration


The Most Valuable NFT: Gen Z Trust

Gen Z – they’re active, digital natives, and maybe even just way cooler than most of us. As brands shift their marketing strategies to focus on this next generation of consumers, here is a rapid-fire Q & A to answer the industry’s burning questions about this key demographic:

What’s the biggest misconception about Gen Z? That there’s “no method to their madness.” They can be influenced by brands, just not in the same way as older generations.

What does Gen Z hate? Any sort of posturing, being told what’s cool, and not being transparent. Gen Z is the least trusting generation, and brands need to engage authentically.

How do we learn about and market effectively to Gen Z? Treat Gen Z like a university: learn from them. Gen Z influences each other through “sampling” – sharing snippets of their day-to-day life.

How are brands successfully engaging with Gen Z? They partner with influencers who authentically represents that unique audience and culture.

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