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Using data and audiences to drive growth

The secret to the most-effective advertising campaigns? Data. Our innovative audience and measurement tools, powered by our first-party listener profiles, do more than inform – they drive growth for our marketing partners. ​

Audience solutions

Data-driven OTA Radio

Our database of 25M+ first-party listeners. Your customized broadcast schedule. It’s the ideal recipe to target your consumers where they’re listening.​

Audience match

Reach your current customers and high-potential prospects across all of our audio platforms. Enhance your buy with lookalike audiences and suppression targeting. ​

Audience targeting

Our robust first-party data set helps you reach audiences built around key demographics, behaviors, shopping habits, or media interests. Customize your campaign by selecting from pre-built audience profiles, or build a custom audience designed just for your customers.​


Tie advertising exposure directly to performance outcomes by analyzing complete audience journey activity – delivered through over-the-air radio, streaming, podcasts and digital. Through our robust portfolio of tools, we will optimize your campaign mid-flight with creative, schedule, daypart, and geo improvements based on near real-time analytics. ​

Web conversion

Determine web traffic lift, daypart and creative effectiveness by analyzing visits immediately after ads run.

Sales lift

Apply customized analysis to determine sales conversion attributed to radio advertising.

Foot traffic

Utilize geofencing to measure in-store or showroom visits from individuals exposed to your ads.

Brand lift

Identify positive shifts in customer brand awareness and favorability.

App download

Track ad to app conversions and analyze app download volume.

Schedule & creative optimization

Test and optimize your in-flight campaign by creative, schedule, daypart or geography.

Data as a service

DaaS powers your planning and attribution platforms with first-party, user-level audio data that goes beyond ratings and demos. It puts audio on par with digital and TV platforms.​

Media planning

Fuel your media planning system with broadcast user-level data.​

Attribution conversion data

Pull campaign results into your environment to combine audio analytics with other media consumption data.​

Digital dashboard

Access delivery and KPI insights in near real-time for all of your digital campaigns – SEM, social, OTT, email, search, and digital audio. ​

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Use our proprietary studies and third party research to connect with your target audience where they are engaging most.
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