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The environment

All of us doing our 1Thing – together millions of things – for our planet

One person doing one thing is good. All of us doing our one thing, together, is better. And when we each share our one thing, it becomes a hundred things, a thousand things, a million things for our planet. That’s why – from sustainable business practices to our annual employee volunteer day – we’re committed to caring for this amazing planet we all share.

What’s your 1Thing?

1Thing logo
1Thing initiative

Our 1Thing sustainability initiative drives us to inspire, spark, and challenge our listeners and our communities to join us in our mission. Because this planet doesn’t belong to just one of us. We’re all responsible for its future. For simple tips and ideas to do your 1Thing for sustainable living, check out Audacy.com/1thing.

Employee engagement

Our sustainability champions lead our teams across the country to adopt sustainable practices in the workplace and to share ideas with listeners on our airwaves and social media. In addition to year-round environmental partnerships, on Earth Day, we host our signature 1Day/1Thing event, mobilizing all of our teams across every market to roll up their sleeves and support our local environments through beautification and sustainability projects. In 2022, we donated 3,282 hours of manpower, collecting 5,708 lbs of garbage, planting 1,176 trees, and impacting over 23,000 lives.

Corporate gifting

Each Earth Day, we partner with Conservation International on behalf of our team to donate to a project supporting our planet – anything from protecting mangroves and tropical rainforests to saving elephant habitats. – 1Thing adds up!

Here are a few of the ways our relationship with Conservation International is impacting our global community: 

  • Planted 7500 trees to restore the forest
  • Protected 400 acres of coastal ecosystems (mangrove forests) 
  • Protected 150 acres of tropical rainforest
  • Protected 150 acres of valuable habit for bees and other pollinators
  • Restored 50 miles of coral reefs
  • Restored 11, 500 sq meters of degraded watershed
  • Planted 3450 trees in the tropical rainforest
  • Protected 230 acres of critical habitat for the China’s Great Panda
  • Saved 23 cubic miles of ocean

All of this starts with the power of people doing 1Thing!

Business Operations

To reduce our carbon footprint, our local studios and offices practice sustainable sourcing, recycling, waste reduction, and energy efficiency.​

Sustainable events

We keep our events green by ensuring our vendors use compostable materials and avoid plastic, and encouraging our consumers to go paperless with tickets.​



Eco-friendly paper products


Fewer sheets of paper consumed over the past 10 years – and counting!


Market participation in our company-wide volunteer day


Gallons of water saved

1.3M Lbs+

Greenhouse gas emissions reduced


Trees saved

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