Tap the power of total Audio

Gone are the days when Audio campaigns mean just a Radio buy, or a single streaming channel. Multi-channel Audio campaigns are winning with brands at the forefront of Audio, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.
Better Together: 2 Channels Are Better Than One

Demand for Radio + digital is on the rise


since 2019

See lower cost to convert with multi-channel campaigns


vs. single channel Audio buys

Podcast primer

Leading advertisers are looking to supercharge their campaigns with next-level brand partnerships. How are podcast pros leveling up their ad game?
Become Part of the Story
Brands that are ready to branch out beyond the pre-roll and host reads are finding the unicorn: The ad that doesn't sound like an ad. Powered by innovative brand/host partnerships, these native ads are skyrocketing in popularity because they humanize brand messages with expert voices that have already earned listener trust. These brand activations are climbing in popularity.

Product reviews and unboxing

Specialized brand segments

Custom episodes

Interview segments and topical discussion
How avid podcast listeners feel about ads
Trust is sky high
64% appreciate podcast advertisers for supporting their favorite pods.
49% believe that hosts use the products mentioned on their shows.
They’re here for the content… all of it
Only 12% skip ads, compared to the 65% who skip online video ads!
Recall rings true
86% say they recall ads on podcasts more than any other channel – even more than on social media.
65% have purchased a product or service from a brand they hear advertised.
Not Just Quantity. Go for quality.
Size may matter, but it isn’t everything. A big celebrity show could be great for brand awareness but testing with lots of long and mid tail creators who are experts and influencers in the brand's field will help drive results.

Brands are letting go and becoming more trusting. They're testing to find the right mix of voices. And they are learning that impressions don’t automatically equate to sales. More critical is caring about the personalities behind the content, the quality of listeners, and alignment with shows to create the right brand fit."

Agnes Kozera, Co-Founder, Podcorn, an Audacy company


How Macy's does it - the power of influencers

Who's getting it right? Macy's is, for one. This classic retailer is one of America's most recognizable brands, in part because it has always found ways to remain relevant with younger demos. Macy's has advertised on Audio for decades and has now expanded into influencer partnerships to reach younger audiences and drive meaningful connections... and action. 

Around key shopping holidays, Macy's partnered with podcast stars like Emma Chamberlain, who personally curated gift lists that her audience could shop with at the retailer. She promoted the lists on her podcast and amplified them to an even wider audience through her popular social media channels.