Just released: State of Audio - 11 Moments That Matter

Brand Challenge

Chanel needed to drive listeners to Insidechanel.com to watch “The House of Chanel” web series.

Our Solution

Our podcast studios – Cadence13 and Pineapple Street – crafted a custom podcast campaign centered around A-List talent sharing their thoughts on the series. Talent included Bruce Springsteen, Maya Hawke, Lenny Kravitz, Leslie Odom Jr., Pharrell, Alicia Keys, and John Legend.

Chanel messaging ran on 13 total podcast episodes of Broken Record & The Happiness Lab.

Campaign Outcome

1.2M+ impressions were delivered via 13 episodes of Broken Record and The Happiness Lab podcasts, increasing traffic to the series over the campaign.

Campaign Creative

Podcast: The Happiness Lab

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Podcast: Broken Record

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